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    Peace consultations of hope

    Peace consultations of hope

    From left to right: Jordan Cantwell, Jessica Lindberg, Larry Pickens (photos: Ben Gray), Jujin Chung (photo: Claus Grue/WCC)

    07 July 2017

    Around 60 participants from Christian churches all over the world gathered in Beit Sahour for peace consultations two weeks ago.

    Four participants briefly share their expectations on the consultations and what they bring with them back home from it:


    Rev. Dr Larry Pickens, Lehigh Conference of Churches, PA, USA:

    My expectations were primarily to hear stories from people directly affected by the occupation and to gain a sense of the situation on the ground. Things become more dramatic when you hear their testimonies right here.

    I bring back these stories and testimonies and share them in order to raise awareness among faith communities.


    Jordan Cantwell, moderator, United Church of Canada:

    I expected looking at the ways that the WCC had been in solidarity with Palestinian Christians and to determine how to go forward, given the current realities on the ground.

    The key thing, when I get back home, is to invite the churches of Canada to wrestle with the issues that were brought up and respond to them.

    Dr Jujin Chung, National Council of Churches in Korea:

    I came here to listen to peoples life stories and hear authentic testimonies from people who have endured occupation. I appreciate that they shared their stories with us.

    I bring back home the churches commitment to end the occupation. That is an important moral issue for all humanity. We shouldnt pretend that this is not an issue, we should humanize - and not politicize - this issue. Because it is an ordinary peoples issue, and avoiding it is dehumanizing the people living here.


    Jessica Lindberg Dik, Church of Sweden, Middle East liaison officer

    I came with an open mind and was excited about the opportunity to participate in a Peace Consultation. I understood that this was a very important context to be part of.

    I bring home a reminder that we live under very different circumstances. The sharing of perspectives from all over the world is inspiring and eye-opening. This has been a lesson to be more courageous.


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