The PIEF is an international, inter-church advocacy initiative for peace in Israel and Palestine

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    About JIC

    About JIC

    Yusef Daher, executive secretary of the Jerusalem Inter-Church Centre in front of the centre.

    The Jerusalem Inter-Church Centre (JIC) facilitates contacts, information sharing and deliberation among Churches in Jerusalem, theMiddle East Council of Churches (MECC), the World Council of Churches (WCC) and certain member churches and specialized ministries with long involvement in the region.

    Even more important is the centre's contribution to the implementation of the international community's long-standing plans for a peaceful and equitable resolution of the Israel-Palestine conflict, as expressed through the United Nations.

    Under this mandate the centre:

    • Provides timely and regular information, analysis and reports to the ecumenical community.
    • Liaises with the local churches and with MECC and WCC.
    • Facilitates intensive exposure tours and seminars for international, high-level government, church and media visitors assuring hosting and contact with the local churches and communities.
    • Strengthens local church capacity for diaconal work in association with WCC Middle East desk and MECC.
    • Strengthens local ecumenical and interfaith relations.
    • Hosts the Ecumenical Accompaniment Programme in Palestine and Israel (EAPPI) as a much-needed local-global accompaniment program.