The PIEF is an international, inter-church advocacy initiative for peace in Israel and Palestine

    Patriarchs of Eastern Churches appeal for aid against forces of religious extremism

    High officials from ancient Christian churches in the Near East have issued a common statement denouncing the emergence of armed extremist groups who “murder, shatter and violate the sacred nature of the churches” and other suffering communities in the Middle East.

    Prayers and solidarity for churches in Northern Iraq

    Prayers and solidarity for churches in Northern Iraq

    In an open letter of solidarity to the member churches of the WCC in Northern Iraq, Dr Isabel Apawo Phiri, the WCC associate and acting general secretary, solicited prayers for the Christians, the church communities and the people on the Plain of Nineveh in Northern Iraq, as well as the surrounding region.

    WCC calls for urgent action in Iraq

    The WCC has issued an urgent call to the United Nations for an immediate response to the killing of Christians and others by the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) militant fighters.

    The Palestine Israel Ecumenical Forum (PIEF) was launched by the WCC in 2007 to catalyze and co-ordinate new and existing church advocacy for peace, aimed at ending the illegal occupation of Palestinian territories in accordance with UN resolutions, and demonstrate its commitment to inter-religious action for peace and to justice that serves all peoples of the region.

    PIEF acts to

    - challenge government support for the occupation

    - challenge public support for the occupation

    - challenge theological and biblical justifications for the occupation and

    - maintain viable the Palestinian Christian presence in the Holy Land.